Perky Hockey Babe

Power: 87%

Agility: 75%

Stamina: 80%

Sportsmanship: 100%


She was the first hockey play to play in the majors and she was the best in the league she could hit, shoot, score and FIGHT! and then, She got a contract for The Mighty Dexteras! And since then she's been the number 1 female for them. In Season 3 sadly, She lost her spot, Her career was going downhill fastly, It looks like maybe she could leaving the TWF permanently, Maybe she's in love with Zip, Maybe she misses the cold and hockey, Maybe.....Maybe she's lost her favorite thing......The Hockey Stick of Power, Without it Anna Hardwood is powerless...Will she regain it next season?


She's a nice girl but when you make fun of her she will clobber you.

In Season 3 she'll develop a crush on Zip after she mentions how "cute" Zip is.

Battling StyleEdit

Uses her hockey skills to finish off her opponents.

Signature Move: The Canadian Cross Check: She does a 6 punch combo.

Deadliest Move: The Alberta Apocalypse: She drops 1,000,000 hockey pucks onto her opponent.


Season 2Edit

Her rookie season started off well by beating Fungus Fi but she lost to her polar opposite Inferno in the quarterfinals.

Season 3Edit

Anna Hardwood's career went downhill after Season 2, Losing to newcomer Pirate Paul and embarrasing herself against Shape Shifter

First Season: Season 2

Final Season: TBC