Must Crush Everyone!

Power: 95%

Agility: 54%

Stamina: 48%

Street Smarts: 15%


Atila is a viking warrior from Norway, He was sadly frozen in a iceberg for 800 years! 800 years later he was found and thawed by the Sinistras and works with them to this very day.


A Extremely tough guy who has the power to defeat anyone.....Now if only he could spell Missisippi.....

Battling StyleEdit

As said before he can crush anyone, He's not very fast though.

Special Move: Viking Vida Vooda Voom! A fan powered move, The Fans say VIKING in one punch and VIDA the other and he finishes it off with a mega punch and a VOODA VOOM! from the audience.

Deadliest Move: Viking Bomb: He asks the fans what time it is and the fans say "It's time for the Viking Bomb" He counts down from 5 to 1 and crushes his opponent.


Season 1Edit

His career went off in a good starting note by beating the Marmunus and Chief Apu.

Season 2Edit

He defeated the extremely crazy Mr. Mental in a squash match.

Season 3Edit

He finally showed his true strength and defeated Gus Goat in a very close match, He made his tournament debut destroying Madame MeNoit but found himself in the fuzzy side of the Semifinals against Mr. America breaking his unbeaten streak.

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC