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Boney Carisbone's Mask.


Alive Since 1913

Power: 30%

Agility: 31%

Stamina: 5%

Bones: 50%


Boney was an evil villan from Thumbtucky. After failing to take over his city, he decided to do the most evil thing in the world; to blow it up. Unfortunately he wasn't very smart, so he accidentally blew himself up. Everybody thought he was dead, but the explosion caused his body to hybernate for several years. When he awoke, he found that the TWE was built over his grave. He found his gravestone and pounded it against the floor. He pulled himself up into The Sinistra's HQ, where he was the second Sinistra to enter the TWE (Captain Turmoil was the first).


Boney is evil, but not very smart. his plans usually lead to his downfall.

Battling StyleEdit

Boney relies on his plans to win, but they usually end up failing.



First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC