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Captain Turmoil's Mask


The Evil Leader Of The Sinistras

Power: 83%

Agility: 82%

Stamina: 56%

Chaos: 98%


Captain Turmoil, born as Mark Turewsome, had a very evil family. When he was in preschool, he did minor crimes like not going to time out when he was told and starting food fights and staying outside when recess was over. As he got older, he started bullying kids and bringing guns to school. He escaped alternitive school, and when the cops came after him he beat them up. Him and his parents had to go into hiding, but still commited crimes and beat up anyone who got in their way. Years later they were forced out of their town after they had blown it up. They found the TWE, and turned it upside-down. Captain Turmoil created The Evil Sinistras, and is determined to win the championship prize money for an unknown evil plot. He will do anything to win, especially cheat.


Captain Turmoil is very evil. If you ever see him, call the police so you can claim your $100,000,000,000,000 prize.

Battling StyleEdit

Captain Turmoil is very good at fighting, but he usually relies on cheating. He even cheats for his teammates, but no one ever catches him.

Special Move: Twister Take-Down- Captain Turmoil twists around, which makes a storm. After he charges up enough, he punches his opponent and knocks them into the ropes. If aanyone tries to stop it, they have to use ranged attacks. If they try to punch him, they get twisted around and get flung out of the ring.

Deadliest Move: Fire Fury- Captain Turmoil blazes up in fire, then attacks his opponent with upgraded speed and power.



First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC