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General Surtogsfi's Mask


A Respected General

Power: 89%

Agility: 87%

Stamina: 88%

Battle Stategies: 90%


Born as Denny Surtogsfi, he was always a fan of the army. At the age of 18, he joined the army and was marked a higher rate than anyone in the army. He became top general and did so well that nobody wanted to mess with them anymore. Him and a few of his top soldiers joined the TWE, but he goes back to war whenever they need him.


General Surtogsfi is a very serious man. It is hard to make him laugh, cry, or do any emotion. Also, he doesn't have any ticke spots or pressure points.

Battling StyleEdit

General Surgtosfi relies on his training skills and, in severe cases, his soldiers and some weapons. He knows many battle strategies, which give him an edge in battle.

Special Move: The Hidden- General Surtogsfi lays laand mines everywhere for his opponent to step on.

Deadliest Move: Tank Buster- General Surtogsfi issues a tank to shoot or trample his opponent with.

2nd Deadliest Move: Helicopter Sky-Dive- General Surtogsfi issues a helicopter, which drops some of his men on his opponent.

3rd Deadliest Move: The Bazooka Bash- General Surtogsfi takes out a bazooka and shoots his opponent.


Witch Lisa: Win

Hunter: Win

Captain Turmoil: Win

Mad Man: Win

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC