Not your ordinary Goat

Power: 86%

Agility: 40%

Stamina: 31%

Baa: 100%


He was adopted by a normal family and was born in the petting zoo, But one day he ran away from his normal life and into the city life and joined the Mighty Dexteras.


Gus Goat is a nice guy but is always ready to crush those Sinistras. Sadly his dumbfound-ness is his downfall.

Battling StyleEdit

He has this "no worries, no problem" offense and that usually helps him out.

Signature Move: Giant Horns of Thunder: His magical horns make him drop many things into his opponent.

Deadliest Move: Stampede!: 100 goats come and trample his opponent.


Season 1Edit

He started his career with a W in the win loss collum by defeating Fungus Fi

Season 2Edit

He sadly lost in a upset match against Shape Shifter.

Season 3Edit

In the debut of Season 3, He brutally lost to Atila the Warrior

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC