Temperature of over 1000 degrees!

Power: 83%

Agility: 100%

Stamina: 73%

Temperature: 100%


Born in the hottest place on Earth he was always setting things on fire. And he loved it. Then one day he joins the Slimy Sinistras in need of a job. He may burn stuff but it serves having one of the best wrestlers in the TWE!


He has this firey personality and has this "I'm hotter than you" attitude.

Battling StyleEdit

Inferno is fast and furious and is not afraid to use some sneak attacks.

Signature Move: Heartbreaker: He does a 3 punch combo and puts him on fire.

Deadliest Move: Firey Finish: He raises the temperature in the ring to as hot as the Sun!


Season 1Edit

Inferno started off his career flamely well by beating Firefighter Bill.

Season 2Edit

This was easily Inferno's season as he defeated Dextera newcomer Anna Hardwood in the Quarterfinals and The French Lumberjack in the semifinals and defeated Apollo to give the Sinistras their first championship.

Season 3Edit

Being the champion, He expected a repeat after destroying Ms. Text, But was finally defeated for the very first time thanks to Mr. America.

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC