IMG 1431

Jarrett 200's Mask


Loves To Help

Power: 75%

Agility: 84%

Stamina: 74%

Looks: 99%


Growing up, the girls always loved Jarrett. He loved to help everyone he met, which made the girls even more crazy about him. He stopped crooks, and even almost succeded in foiling one of Captain Turmoil's plans. After a while he found the TWE, followed by his little brother, Tanner 20.


Jarrett is a nice young boy who the girls are crazy for.

Battling StyleEdit

Jarrett uses his speed and strength to take down an enemy, but sometimes, when him and his opponent are evenly matched, he uses his wits.

Special Move: The Final Smashes- Jarrett smashes his opponent multiple times and pins them.

Deadliest Move: The Buffetting Barage- Jarrett punches his opponent as many times as neccesary really fast until they are KOed.


Snxx: Win

Attitude Girl: Win

Mad Man: Lose

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC