Beautiful Opera girl

Power: 83%

Agility: 90%

Stamina: 87%

Operas: 100%


Born in the heartland of opera, Vienna, Austria, Madame MeNoit always loved the sound of music, When she was 7, She was in her first musical, She was famous! Years later she graduated from Music School and joined a Touring Opera, Sadly, Sucess went to her head. The other singers were concered about her newfound attitude, But one knew Anna Hardwood so well and asked her if she could help, Anna Hardwood invited her to a wrestling match, She may have lost but The Dexteras loved her efforts, And they let her join the Mighty Dexteras!


She's usually very sweet but when you insult her singing, She gets very angry and crushes you.

Battling StyleEdit

She depends on her singing ability but when she gets a sore throat she's relys on her good stats.

Signature Move: Sonic Soprano: She sings a note so high and loud it blows her opponents eardrums.



First Season: Season 3

Final Season: TBC