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Mr. America's Mask

The Patriotic Leader Of The Dexteras

Power: 83%

Agility: 79%

Stamina: 83%

Kindness: 88%


Born as Jimmy Flagonny, Mr. America traveled around America with his family. They stopped at the most beutiful monuments in America, and Jimmy became fond of the beauty of his country. His parents helped out in every way they could, which influenced him to be a kind citizen to everyone. He trained hard to mantain justice, and when he heard about the rising evil in the TWE, he founded The Mighty Dexteras and became their leader.


Mr. America is a kind hearted Dextera, but he always makes sure to be the toughest and strongest and never hesitates to make the first move to make sure justice is prevaled.

Battling StyleEdit

Mr. America makes sure that justice is served, so he makes sure to be the toughest fighter.

Special Move: The Thirteen Strikes: Mr. America bashes his opponent with 13 giant punches while counting how many punches that he's done.


Shape Shifter: Win

Mad Man: Lose

Season 1

Mr. America started out defeating the tricky Shape Shifter, but was finally defeated by Mad Man in the Quarterfinals.

First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBA