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Shape Shifter's Mask


A Strange Lifeform

Power: 35%

Agility: 54%

Stamina: 11%

Forms: 100%


Shape Shifter was born as a weird alien thing. His parents threw him out, not knowing of his amazing powers. A group of gangsters found him, and raised him in the arts of all things evil. They used his powers to pull off the most evil of feats in history. The Sinistras learned of his skills, and so he joined the TWE and The Evil Sinistras.


Being trained by gangsters at a young age in the art of evil, Shape Shifter is one of the most evil Sinistras in the TWE.

Battling StyleEdit

Shape Shifter relies mostly on his shape-shifting powers, which are limitless.

Signature move: Shape-Shifting: Shape Shifter changes into whatever or whoever he wants to help take down a foe.


Season 1Edit

He had a good effort but failed to beat Mr. America

Season 2Edit

He somehow found a way to defeat Gus Goat after fooling him to think he was his brother.

Season 3Edit

Shape Shifter finally showed his true shifting powers by scoring lucky wins over The French Lumberjack, Anna Hardwood and General Surgogsfi but failed to his long time rival Mr. America in the championship.

First Season: Season 1

Last Season: TBC