Pwnes Everyone In Sports

Power: 86%

Agility: 58%

Stamina: 80%

Sportsmanship: 4%


When he was younger, Jamie Syron stunk at sports. But then, he watched football one faithful Monday night, and admired how they played. The next day, he went to football practice, and swept everyone away. He practiced hard everyday, and soon became the best sports player in his state. He was determined to never lose a game, but when he did, he went on a rampage. He still does that to this day, and The Sinistras liked this about him. He joined them, and began his goal to be the best wrestler and to never lose.


Sportsmaster has an extreme 'I'm better than you" personality.

Battling StyleEdit

Sportsmaster mixes in every sport known to man to become the ultimate fighting machine.

Special Moves: Assorted sports related specials

Deadliest Move: The Final Seconds: Sportsmaster mixes a bunch of sports together.



First season: Season 2

Final Season: TBC