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Tanner 20's Mask


Jarrett 200's Brother

Power: 20%

Agility: 32%

Stamina: 6%

Excersize: 5%


Tanner was a boy who was obbsesed with electronics. He never went outside, and whenever his friends came over, he would tell them to watch him play a video game. When his older brother went to fight in the TWE, his parents sent Tanner to come with him. While his brother went on to fame, Tanner struggeled to even punch his opponent.


Tanner whines when he can't do something or someone makes him mad, which makes a little extra power.

Battling StyleEdit

Tanner uses his speed to attack his opponent, but they barely feel anything, which usually is the attack he gets.

Signature Move: The Revenge: Tanner gets mad at something, then he starts hitting his opponent with whatever he finds. He is usually KOed before he gets angry, so his signature attack is very rare.



First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC