Protects The Wild West

Power: 64%

Agility: 67%

Stamina: 77%

Draws: 96%


Born as Carter Winthdraw, The Sherriff spent his life practicing how to be the fastest draw in the west. When he got older, he beat the current fastest draw and became the sherriff. After noone challenged him to a draw, he joined the TWE, and wrestled for The Mighty Dexteras, and he now protects the ring from evil.


The Sherriff is nice, but he can be really strict on The Sinistras.

Battling StyleEdit

The Sherriff uses his fast draw to take out opponents, as well as his rope and hardcore punches.

Special Move: The Draw: The Sherriff challenges his opponent to a draw, which he mostly wins. He uses a dart gun, which KOs his opponent.



First Season: Season 1

Final Season: TBC