The Human Crusher

Power: 100%

Agility: 82%

Stamina: 91%

Wrecking: 100%


The Wrecking Ball was a popular guy at school,He bullied people for lunch money and they'd always do it cause they know if they don't they'd get knocked out. Then one day he decided his town was too small for his and joined the Slimy Sinistras and not just Captain Turmoil's bodyguard, But one of the best wrestlers of the Sinistras.


A bully who has this "You do what I say or I throw you to a wall" attitude.

Battling StyleEdit

The Wrecking Ball usually uses his power and power only to crush his opponents.

Signature Move: Wrecking Bomb: He asks his fans what time it is and they shout, "IT'S TIME FOR THE WRECKING BOMB!" And they count down from 10 to 1 and he ko's his opponent.



First Season: Season 2

Final Season: TBC