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A fan-fiction about Thumb Wrestling Federation,where anyone can make their own wrestler and make fan made seasons and matches. ALL characters created will be listed in The Dextera and The Sinistra pages. We would love if you added characters to the wiki and created pages for them. You can create characters and seasons, but don't list them in the character pages. J MAN44 will be making the REAL seasons and matches, and will be sure to include your characters. He can't all ways be sure to make your make your characters the champs, but they will at LEAST have a career. Please, don't make a character that is exactly the same as another wrestler on Thumb Wrestling Federation. This is TWE, not TWF. Thank you.

J MAN44 (talk) 20:35, October 17, 2012 (UTC)J MAN44


Mr. America (Leader)

General Surtogsfi (Second in command)

Jarrett 200 (Third in command)

Twosome Tango(Fourth in command )

Viper (Fifth in command)

Touchdown Tyrone (Sixth in command)

Eric Frost (Seventh in command)

Apollo (Eighth in command)

Madame MeNoit (Top female contender and ninth in command)

The French Lumberjack (Tenth in command)

Barney Battery (Possible eleventh in command)

The Unknown Alien

Guy Mammal

Juju the Flying Whale

Anna Hardwood

Zip (Trainer for the Dexteras)

The Sherriff

Ms. Text

Norman The Delivery Man

Tanner 20


Project 1.5XYZ

Gus Goat

Chief Apu

Sleepy Sam

Mr. Mental

Sandra Serpent


The One -Man Band

Warling (Weakest Wrestler of Dexteras)


Captain Turmoil (Leader)

Extreme Ed (Second in command)

Mad Man (Third in command)

Hunter (Fourth in command)

Atila the Warrior (Fifth in command)

Attitude Girl (Top female contendor and sixth in command)

Inferno (Seventh in command)

Sportsmaster (Eighth in command)

King Afkamatoka (Ninth in command)

The Wrecking Ball (Captain Turmoil's Bodyguard and tenth in command)

Ollopa (Possible eleventh in command)

Dr. Donims

Black Widow

Shape Shifter


'Yane Larbawge

Gerald The Double-Eyed Cyclopes

Boney Carisbone

Fungus Fi

Pirate Paul

Bad Brick

Witch Lisa

Panda Boy

The PanTher

King Darius III

Snxx (Weakest Wrestler of Sinistras)