Power: 83%

Agility: 100%

Stamina: 91%

Snakiness: 100%


Born in the Desert he was a great snake, So great people called him Viper, One day he decided to go to the Mighty Dexteras and became one of the best wrestlers they ever had.


He has a vicious personality but is kindhearted and is looking forward for excitement.

Battling StyleEdit

He sneaks up to his opponents and surprise attacks him.

Signature Finisher: vKo (Vicious Knock Out), He bites his opponent, poisoning him.


Season 2Edit

His career got off to a sidewinder start, defeating some of the best the Sinistras had to offer like Black Widow and along with Jarrett 200 defeated Hunter and Snxx.

First Season: Season 2

Last Season: TBC